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At Advohealth, our member benefits are our mission and we pledge to our members to continue to advocate for all Americans by adding and creating benefits that further promote access to affordable healthcare

About Advohealth

The last half century has seen the cost of healthcare continue to rise year after year, reaching now unaffordable levels. Health insurance for the average American family can cost over $20,000 a year with a deductible of over $5,000. As an Employer, I was paying on average, over $14,000 per year, per employee and their family! On top of that, I was personally paying over $2000 every month for my own family of 4, and with a deductible of over $5000! That was over $29,000 per year before my personal health insurance paid a single $1! Something had to be done! These rising costs are unaffordable, unsustainable and unacceptable for anyone!

I was determined to find a way to lower my family and business healthcare costs!  I needed to create something dynamic that would innovative and disruptive healthcare for everyone.  Not just some little change but a major shift and overhaul to the current way of how healthcare is accessed and consumed in order to drive down costs for both the American family and employers.

So, I brought together a group of healthcare experts with over 100 years of experience and challenged them to collaborate and create a revolutionary way to change healthcare forever!

  • It had to give access to a Doctor 24/7/365.
  • It had to significantly lower the cost of prescriptions!
  • It had to give access to every specialty hospital in America.

These are three of the biggest out of pocket costs and access issues that burden the American family and employers.

  • It had to include all Americans regardless if they were employers, employees, part-timers, 1099 and even the unemployed.
  • It had to be inclusive of everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions.
  • It had to eliminate COPAYS and DEDUCTIBLES.
  • I told them it had to reduce costs for both the American family and employer.
  • And oh, by the way it had be at a low monthly price for the whole family not just an individual.

My experts said that’s an impossible task! I told them we are going to make it happen and let’s get to work!  And after years of research, data, discussions, white board sessions and even many healthy disagreements, Advohealth was born and is here to provide access to basic affordable healthcare for ALL Americans through membership!

I pledge that this is just the beginning, and we will continue to push, to further the mission to advocate and promote access to affordable healthcare for the American family and employers. I would like to personally invite your family and company to be a part of the Advohealth healthcare revolution!

Best Wishes and Stay Safe,


Founder of Advohealth

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